What Most Termite Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Termite damage is usually hidden. A mistake during the termite inspection could cost you thousands of dollars in future repairs or hurt the deal if you are trying to sell your home. Many termite companies hire low paid assistants to type up the termite reports. This can lead to costly errors and delay your report by up to a week. If you want to find a good termite inspector, ask a Real Estate agent or broker.  Real Estate professionals rely on timely and accurate termite reports to make their living.

                    5 Reasons to Call Mojoe Termite Today:

1. Experienced

Mojoe’s two termite inspectors have more than 23 years combined experience providing accurate termite inspections and eradicating termite infestations.

2. Accurate

Our inspectors type up all their own termite reports to ensure their accuracy.

3. Fast

Get your termite report within two business days or it’s FREE!

4. Trusted

Real Estate agents and brokers call Mojoe Termite for their termite inspections.  Maybe you should call Mojoe too.

5. Guaranteed

You’ll be FREE of Drywood Termites or we’ll fumigate again for FREE.
That’s our 6 YEAR GUARANTEE (The Best in SLO County!)

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